The Chefs at Country Encounters

just relax

At the TableThe reason to become a chef is a love of food and creativity and that is what this unusual dinning experience is all about. Choose your price range; $17, $25, or more and let us be creative. Tell us what your favorite foods are and we are happy to work with it. There is no standard menus here. It's all about new and exciting.

Sample Menu:

Hors d'oeuvres when you arrive
Steelhead Gravlox with wasabi mayo
Beet root and soft goat cheese salad with Balsamic and Hemp Vinaigrette
Beef tenderloin tips with sweet potato latka, red wine au jus and horseradish cream.
Warm carmel pumpkin spice cake
Price: $24.00 per person.

It's all about having fun
& great taste just follows

Private Cooking Classes
Like to learn something new? Why not turn your dinner into a cooking class. Choose from an assortment of topics covering basic to advanced or choose a country.

Sit up at the bar and relax or even help

Watch,chat and ask questions as Dawn prepares dishes from your chosen topic for you and your friends. Sample all the flavours in what turns out to be dinner on a grande scale. Most classes start at $25 per person (class size is usually limited to 6)

Something for Foodies Let's face it, we're all foodies to some degree. Have you ever met a person who doesn't enjoy food? You will be enticed with a multi course meal especially designed to satisfy the foodie in all of us. Enjoy your meal in the relaxed atmosphere of our private dinning room and it's a night to remember. 

Dinner of the Day $14.95 per person
What ever Chef is making that day, Could be anything from lasagna to bbq ribs delivered to you hot and ready to eat. Always comes with salad, main and dessert.

You don't have to be an overnight guest to enjoy a dinner or classes at
Country Encounters.
Call today to arrange for your special evenin

Our Passion

Welcome to our World
Dawn uses her organizational and creative skills plus a flair for the dramatic to orchestrate meals and events. If you could wrap up her philosophy about food in a couple of sentences it would be – Every meal should be an event. Balance is everything, balance between flavours, textures and colour.“There is an unparalleled satisfaction in creating a dish and having a guest enjoy it so much they come back for seconds”

"I believe in cooking food that tastes as good as it looks." 

MarkMark uses his creative mind to master and bring his own elements and ideas "to the table." Mark's philosophy on food is that food should be fun and appeal to more than just taste. Mark spends a lot of time and energy on knowing the ingredients. and the proper preparation of food, and finds great enjoyment in sourcing top-notch ingredients and their exemplary preparation. A great meal should surprise, entertain and satisfy all senses.

"I concentrate on simple, fresh and rustic cuisine with focus on intense flavour"

Country Encounters is the result of 25 years of working together, using their separate skills in concert to provide their customers with a unique experience that tastes great. . It's all about the guest.

"The best indication of a very pleased guest is they return again and again. That means we did our job right"

A belief in the "Shop Local" trend has lead to us connecting with many small producers and has resulted in the creation of their Go Local menu as well as a number of distinct special events.

Home cooking and family dinners
bring us together at mealtime
but the Wine helps.


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